Saturday, January 31, 2009

Malaysia for Malaysians

Note : I rcvd this article in my blog comment box from a reader.
Preference to Malaysian Phd holders first:Lately, there has been a significant rise in the number of foreigners employed in local universities as lecturers and professors who have Phd qualifications from our neighbouring countries.The ministry of education has granted them permission to work in these local government and private universities.
Preference has been given to the foreigners rather than our own Malaysian brothers and sisters who are also Phd holders either locally or from overseas.One typical example is a local private University located at Semeling/Bedong, Kedah. Here, it’s a laugh as the lecturers and professors are basically from India. The Faculty of Applied Science in this university has employed a dean who is an Indian national who has a Phd from an Indian university which is supposedly, not recognised by our Malaysian government.
Universities like ANNA University, Annamalai University, Bharathidasan University, M.S.University are not recognised by Malaysian government when any of our Malaysian bros and sis who obtained Phd’s from universities apply for lecturer post in the government institutions, but it is recognised when it comes to foreigners!! How come??Somewhere, something has terribly gone wrong in the system when it comes to the question of employing qualified and recognised Phd’s in Science in the teaching sector.My question to the ministry of education is..why practise double standards when it comes to employing Malaysians against foreginers, when Malaysians too possess similar qualifications from similar universities?Time to think about it and take action.
Make it mandatory for the foreigners with unrecognised Phd degrees to pass a Malaysian Qualifying exam or obtain a Phd from a local government university like University Malaya etc,etc. before allowing them to work as lecturers or Deans.If those Phds from Tamilnadu can be recognised by our Malaysian govt, then, I will surely send my son to persue his Phd there too. Who knows, when he graduates he can get a job as a lecturer in AIMST university..maybe even be a professor!!All malaysians who intend to persue their Phds in Science should go to Tamilnadu to study as it’s cheaper and whatmore, you can get the Phd faster within one year!!and come back and demand to be employed by the govt cos, if the govt allows them foreigners to get work here, then the Malaysians with similiar degrees from similiar Tamilnadu universities should get lecturer jobs too!!!It’s high time the education ministry make it mandatory for the foreigners who hold Phds from Tamilnadu universities to pass a qualifying exam, something like for the MBBS degree from unrecognised Indian universities.
If the education ministry fails to assess the standard of the foreigners,ie.Phds from Tamilnadu, then the Malaysian students who have such lecturers will stand to loose out in the competition for jobs automatically as they will not be having hands-on knowledge and will be of low quality graduates…all because of inferior quality foreign Phd lecturers from Tamilnadu universities.TQ.

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Poligar said...

HI, Generalisations and stereotyping does not help. The University in Bedong has employed PhDs from Malaysia in Management and Engg studies. That means they did not get a deserving person for applied sci. More over, the present dean from ANNA varsity has been held in high esteem in USM for 9 years. His "citation Index" and "impact factor" is world class and he could have easily walked in to S-pore or Australia (the apples of Malaysian eyes)
Casting aspersions without doing background reading is Cocky at best and Fascist at worst.