Thursday, January 15, 2009

Malaysian Government must intervene in Sri Lankan issues - MP. M. Kulasegaran

Rajan - TNS

KL: The Member of Parliament from Ipoh Barat, M. Kulasegaran urged the Malaysian government to get involved immediately to save the Sri Lankan Tamils. He said, this is the most opportune time for the Malaysian government to call on the Sri Lankan ambassador to express the Malaysian government’s displeasure on the developing catastrophic situation for Eelam Tamils.

Our government is showing great interests on the Israel-Palestine situation as well as our government also acted as a peace broker in the Bosnian and Thailand conflicts. It is important our government also do the same with Eelam Tamils as they are facing similar situation in Sri Lanka, M. Kulasegaran said.

Over 320,000 Tamil people are in dire need of assistance in the northern (Vanni) areas of Sri Lanka due to the bloody and brutal military operations against its own Tamil citizens. This situation have gone to the worst catastrophic humanitarian tragedy as Sri Lankan forces indiscriminately shelling and bombing them. From the beginning of this year alone, 28 civilians were killed and over 185 injured so far.

MP. M. Kulasegaran urged the foreign Minister, RAIS YATIM, Dato' Seri Utama, Dr., to call on the Sri Lankan ambassador to speak about the current situation in Sri Lanka and persuade them to bring a peaceful end to this protracted conflict soon as suffering of people in North of Sri Lanka multiplying to many folds.

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