Thursday, July 9, 2009

Any political consideration in the two year delay of abolition of PPSMI?

Yesterday's Cabinet decision to reverse the PPSMI ( Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Inggeris) policy is not a surprise to many.

Many NGO’s and political parties as well as Chinese, Tamil and Malay educationists and oppositionists had warned before the PPSMI was implemented that it would not be able to achieve its declared objective of improving the standard of English of our students.

Time has proven the policy critics right.

Faced with the fact that the ill conceived PPSMI has failed its objective , the Cabinet was left with no choice but to reverse it.

Like many, I am a little surprised though that the reversal will include the secondary schools.

Many have thought the Cabinet will abolish the PPSMI for the primary schools only.

However, a question that many have asked today is , if PPSMI has made guinea pigs of our students and that the government has admitted it is a failed policy, then why is there a delay of 2 years in reversing it?

Why cant the reversal take effect next year?

Is there any political consideration in the two year delay? Is the general election a factor of consideration?

The Education Minister should know that not many will be convinced by his explanation that the reversal requires a " soft landing".

For a plane that has crashed , no on will talk about soft landing. For a policy that has failed, isn't immediate reversal the answer?

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