Saturday, July 4, 2009

Kg.Buah Pala- suggest polling among villagers to consider 3 options

There is no doubt that the cause of the Kg Buah Pala residents' plight is the previous BN state government headed by Tan Sri Koh Tzu Koon.
Our KPI Minister Tan Sri Koh is therefore the culprit who must be held responsible and accountable for his government's decision which created today's controversy.
I had a chance to question him on why he had alienated the Kg Buah Pala land without consulting the villagers as well as at land premium price which was far below the market price at RM10 a sq.foot when he turned up at Parliament on Thursday. The nearly 6 acres of prime land was alienated to a Co-Operative said to be an UMNO stooges. Why the land was not sold or alienated to the residents there?

If he had any sense of accountability, surely he would have stood up to reply or rebut me. But he chose to keep quiet.

Isn't being accountable for one's action and helping the people to solve their problems one of the KPI of a federal minister?

Be that as it may, the Kg Buah Pala I plight should be well and quickly resolved, lest more exploitation by some quarters and the misinformed will continue to happen.

In fact, since the controversy erupted, DAP has been unfairly and inaccurately portrayed as a Party that has abandoned or marginalized the Indians.

I wish to put across my personal view that the DAP state government should conduct polling among the villagers to consider the following options:

1. That the Federal government steps in with the necessary funding to compensate the developer, hence allowing the state government to cancel the project

2. That the state government provides an alternative land for the villagers to build their new homes

3. That the developer's compensation package to include the provision of alternative land for the villagers to build their new homes.

In view of the urgency of the issue as well as to stop the unfair accusation that the Penang Chief Minister is not getting true opinions of the villagers, I will suggest that our Sdr Lim Guan Eng meet the villagers as soon as possible.

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