Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chicken Market in Deplorable Status

The main chicken market of Ipoh (near the Central market) was built some over 100 years ago. It has more then 15 chicken slaughtering stalls. The beauty of the building is the fact the structures are not nailed at all. Many of the locals were not aware of this until one of the main beams gave way some 1 week ago. The whole market structure is now unsafe.

We visited the market together with local, Ipoh local council (MBI) officers and local councilors Sdr.Ding.

We are given to understand that the market has been left without any proper maintenance. It seems some over 15years ago the MBI had made had made proposals to construct a new wet market but noting has taken place to date. I wonder why? I guess the priority of the then MBI bosses were to up grade markets out side central Ipoh and thus neglecting the local markets.
To me this market must up graded and should not be demolished. I am meeting the Mayor tomorrow to discuss about this matter.

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