Friday, November 28, 2008

Action needed to act and suspend MP for Pasir Salak for uncouth and boorish behaviour

The words, antics and behaviour of Pasir Salak MP Abdul Rahman has breached every rules of fair play and decorum in the parliament's rule book.

He used words like bastards, keling and kurang ajar regularly and gets away every time without punishment.He just says "saya tarikh balik" and gets away with it and the Speaker and deputy speaker agree and allow it to happen. This disgraceful behaviour has got to stop.

In the Dewan Rakyat that day DAP chairman Karpal Singh asked the Speaker to rule that Tajuddin must apologise for his remark "The words 'bastard' and 'bloody bastard' are not merely un-parliamentary, it is more than that because of what it means. It cannot just be retracted, he must apologise or be referred to the Privileges Committee," the Bukit Gelugor MP had said.
Likewise I demand that stern action is taken against him.

Therefore after he uttered the word keling I moved a immediate motion under Standing Order 26(1) h which reads “a motion to suspension a member."

The motion was aimed at the disgraceful conduct of the Pasir Salak who had yesterday used derogatory, very suggestive, crude and obscene village language and in addition called me a keling - a seriously derogatory words to Indians.

His uneducated and uncouth behaviour is absolutely unparliamentary and cannot be uttered in the august house and no civilised person would ever tolerate or forgive such behaviour.
My fellow MPs and colleagues also rose instantly to protest and condemn Pasir Salak and even the MIC Deputy Minister for Cameron Highlands supported our motion.

Today the MP for Batu Gajah also moved a motion urging the Speaker to reprimand the Pasir Salak for using crude, obscene and vulgar words and gestures.

I stood up and urged the Speaker to seriously consider Standing Order 26(1) in particular after Pasir Salak claimed the Speaker was bias. This is a serious allegation by the MP because it gives the impression that the Speaker is unfit to preside and is not independent in his views and actions.

On Monday the MP for Puchong was suspended for 2 days on the grounds he has used words alleging the Speaker was biased. Thus why the double standard when it comes to punishing Pasir Salak, I asked the Speaker.

I also argued that of late the general perception of the Malaysian public is that Parliament is nothing but a joke and the issues discussed are neither serious nor relevant.
Just two weeks ago the MP had used unparliamentarily words against me. Even then he just withdrew the words but he did not apologised at all. This MPs acts seriously damage the image of Parliament.

At 4.30pm I raised the order again but the presiding speaker Dato Junaidi said that he is still perusing the matters raised by us and would decide later whether to suspend the MP.
This is a unwarranted delay on the part of the Speaker.

I urged the Speaker to decide on an urgent basis on the action to be taken against Pasir Salak as the MP was absent in the morning and is only present in the house in the evening.

We hope the Speaker will make an urgent and proper decision as the soonest possible in order to restore the image of the house which had deteriorated sharply because of the unacceptable behaviour of Pasir Salak.

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Leong WK said...

It will be a history to suspend a BN MP which has never happened before. These BN MP's need to be warned and to respect others. I will never vote for such MP, as he is not qualified to be our leader. BN MP's in the parliment have all sort of immunity, that is why the speaker can not touch them.

This is really a third world class parliment.

YB, please push and demand proper action to be taken against these "sick" BN leaders.