Sunday, November 16, 2008

Majority agrees to rename Jalan Silibin

IPOH: DAP state representatives have produced a street survey revealing that more than 70% of Jalan Silibin folk agree with the proposal to rename the road after former Perak DAP chairman P. Patto.

Ipoh Barat MP and local councillor M. Kulasegaran said yesterday that the survey was conducted over three days following protests by certain quarters over the proposal.

He said of the 74 respondents interviewed, 55 supported the idea while 12 disagreed and seven were neutral.

“We made sure we got the views of a multiracial group of people so that all races were represented,” he said.

The survey, conducted by Kulasegaran, Buntong assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam and several local councillors, focused on business owners and residents along Jalan Silibin.

Kulasegaran said those who disagreed said it was because the road had been called Jalan Silibin for more than 40 years and was popular among the locals.

“They also said that the name change will inconvenience them as they will have to change their MyKad address, letterheads and so on,” he said.

Kulasegaran said there had been suggestions to name a neighbourhood or a park after Patto instead of a street.

He said the results of the survey would be submitted to the state government next week for a decision.

Last month, state executive councillor A. Sivanesan proposed Jalan Silibin after another proposal to rename a lane in Little India after Patto was found inappropriate.

On Friday, 37 residents and businessmen sent a petition to the Perak Mentri Besar against the proposal.

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A.Thiagu said...

Slibin is one of the significant satellite towns of Ipoh that contributing a lot for the development of Ipoh city and Perak in General. The major road connecting Ipoh city and Slibin town is called Jalan Slibin as it was the norm then, when the town planners name the roads leading to a certain towns , to name the road after town it leads to.
For example Jln Kuala Kangsar, Jalan Gopeng , Jln Kampar, Jln Pusing , Jln Tanjung Rambutan, Jln Tanjung Tualang,Tiger Lane' Jln Jelapang, Jln Lumut and many more. No one can deny that all those roads are leading to the respective towns that the roads named after. Many of those roads are very long (much longer than Jln Slibin) and there are tens or hundreds of businesses or factories locating alongside. Furthermore some of the towns that caring the names of the roads are very much bigger, historically well known, highly populated than Slibin
Now many of those high historical road names were changed by the previous government without any survey or feedback from public.
I wonder, no one oppose the act of previous government when they changed the names of those roads unilaterally!!
When the current government says it will listen to the people's view in any projects, pls do not step on their head. Give due respect for their noble policy "listen to people's view". Do not take it for granted.
They will not be there forever, therefore show your displeasure in your "vote".
Let them to do their work and justify their acts after 4 years !!

Ipoh Lover,