Saturday, November 22, 2008

P.Patto's Family call for PC

"DAP is my family. With due respect to DAP leaders and Pakatan Rakyat government, we dont want Silibin Road to be renamed as P.Patto road. Let it be as it is. I just want the people to follow his vission an mission. That will make us happy."
"Dear reporter's pls dont write anything as per your wish to make your paper's hot cake. So far we never received any courtesy calls from the reporter's on this matter. You all should come forward to collect the opinions from the family members. We also do have something to say on this matter. "
"Many have taken this matter as their personal agenda to gain the pages in newspapers. Congrats and well done. Its a disgrace for a professional lawyer to say that he dont know who is P.Patto. He must feel shamed of him self" - Mrs.Mary Patto

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aapphal said...

a combination industrious, undivided committment has made your kindself a leader of makkal sakthi.sustain this status. you have earned the peoples' confidence and compassion by carrying out your duties without fear or favour. cultivate and frutify for higher levels. remember yours is to work, the results will take care of itself. do not allow your emotions to govern you use your intelligence to embrace,subdue,rationalize then manage them.keep up the good work .

below i on behalf of the makkal with dignity and creditability and having faith with THE TWO INDIANS bring the following to your attention and swift action: TODDY SHOP- TMN FALIM MAS. The issue was 1st highlighted in the dap bullitin, later highlighted by the star. numerous call to dbi and customs fell into deaf ears. i wonder!!!!! it is still operating fr 8am-8pm to the disgust of the residents of tm falim mas/tmn falim indah/tm falim mas. WHY?


1 drunkards misbehaving, urinating publicily, motor vehicles parked indiscrimately and driving after boozing without any consideration for the other road users .

2 fights are common

3 school children have to use this road before and after school. the activites reflect negative,unhealty and damaging influence.

4 women folks have to bear the vulgar,at times abusive and uncalled for remarks while passings by.

5 snatch thefts are rampant.

6 toddy available after closing hours.

7 toddy supplied in drums to vendors who have started to operate in sub vicinities.

8 YB/YBS, it is operating in residential area. how in mother earth's name- DBI/CUSTOMS

are ot aware of this. GABBAGE.


i on behalf of the people- indians,chinese and malays appeal/beg to both of you to use of good office to tackle this hazardous/contagious problem.SHIFT IT. YBS ,once this done we can happily without fear or favour say" HAVE NO FEAR KULA AND SIVA ARE HERE."

PLEASE don't let us down . hope to see results, ending with love. take care. aum.