Friday, November 21, 2008

Renaming of Silibin Road

We embarked to renaming the Silibin road after we got public suggestion to rename Silibin Road. From our findings we found Silibin road does not have any real historical significance. P.Pattoo was the former MP of this area, thus renaming of this road would be befitting this past leader.
It has to be bourn in mind the proposed change will not alter the area being still referred to as Silibin. In due compliance of the workings of Local Agenda 21 we decided to consult with local residents. Local Agenda 21 requires that before a major decision is made which will affect the lives of local residents due consultations ought to be effected.
Due to this we proceeded to obtain feedbacks from the residents living along Jalan Silibin. There were objections but many agreed to the road renaming. We did this survey because we are not arm chair critics and neither are we arrogant as lambasted by some.
It must be noted no new roads signage’s has been placed. This is because we have only suggested this idea and no final decision to change the road name have been made. We are just doing matters in a transparent manner and at the same time adhering to Local Agenda 21. Since when it’s wrong to get public feed back?

Notwithstanding the above I totally agree with many who have said Ipoh has lost most of its links with the past when roads like Brewster Road, Huge Low Street Thompson Road were renamed. I would suggest the authorities to relook into this and many other roads which were renamed to be reverted to the original name.

Having said this we are always ready and willing to hear differing and or alternative views even criticisms!

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