Thursday, June 4, 2009

64 wasted their time appearing at the Ipoh Police station

Today is the D day for the 64 people who were arrested on 7thMay09. On that day the Perak State Assembly set. The police had obtained an interim order to restrain any one other than assemblyman from being 500meters from the state assembly.

I was prevented from entering the state assembly by the police although I had invitation to attend on that day. The state Assembly is situated in my constituency notwithstanding others like YB Lim Kit Siang and M.Manogahar( Teluk Intan) were also prevented from entering the state assembly.

Our lawyer Karpal would soon file proceedings to set aside the restraining order.

The 64 individual were on police bail and the bail was not extended today. DSP Glean informed us that the investigations are still going on and they are awaiting directions from the Attorney General Chambers as to whether to charge the 64 heroes.

The police should explain as to why the 64 were asked to report to the police station today when they knew yesterday that the bail will not be extended but the 64 can go free pending directions from AG Chambers. Many were displeased with the police the manner in which they had handled the matter today.

Many of the 64 individuals were not only innocent but had come from other states like Penang, Malacca, Selangor and Pahang.

We were also pleased that many lawyers turned up to give support. The blogger’s community were also not spared the arrest as Zorro and others were detained on the 7th of May. Interestingly Jong the Ipoh blogger somehow was not arrested on the 7th although she was everywhere and in black too. Why she is so lucky!


Jong said...

Dear YB,

One correction I like to make - I am not a blogger but merely a concerned citizen who refuses to turn the other way when things go wrong.

Hahaha 'interestingly' I was spared! Guess I'm just a common face in Ipoh and like Haris Ibrahim, they thought we were SB on duty

Salak said...

"...Interestingly Jong the Ipoh blogger somehow was not arrested on the 7th although she was everywhere and in black too. Why she is so lucky!...

I agree with you Kula! Jong should have been arrested! ;) Then we could see her more often out there in the thick of things!

BTW, why can't your PDF files download at all?!

Jong said...

One blogger called me "Ghostbuster" and I kinda like that. :D
I spend alot of my time aiming my camera at those SB buggers. It's actually quite interesting and fun. You can 'feel' their low self-exteem oooozing out when you aim your camera at them! :D