Friday, June 26, 2009

Police should drop all unnecessary investigation

On the 26th of May2009 some 21 people were arrested by the police allegedly for breaking the law. On that day the Pakatan Perak had organized a 3 day “hunger strike” against the unlawful seizing of the Perak state Government by the Barisan National(BN)

Of the 21 persons arrested 8 of us are elected representatives. We were all detained for over 5 hours and kept at the Ipoh Police. After the police statements were taken from us we were released. Initially the condition of release was that we have to provide a surety and then only we would be released from Police bail. We refused this condition and demanded we be either released on police bail of we will stay put at the Police station. Finally the some sense prevailed on the investigation officer and we were released on police bail and we were requested to appear in Ipoh court today.

Late yesterday we were informed by the police that our presence at the Ipoh Court has been dispensed and if the need be we would told of the need to appear in court in due course.

If the police proceed to charge us in court we would defend and rebut the charges. But in the event we are found guilty by the court under the Police Act all the elected representatives could loose their seats!

I would urge the police to drop all investigations on this matter.

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