Thursday, June 25, 2009

Memorandum of the BLACK day of Perak submitted to SUHAKAM

On the 26thMay09 the Pakatan Rakyat organized a 3day “hunger strike” a protest to the seizing of power of the legitimate government of Perak by the Barisan Government.

The Hunger strike commenced at about 9am at the Ipoh DAP HQ. Thereafter at 11am many of the participants had to proceed to attend the filing of a court case at the High Court of Ipoh. As we were leaving the building many ordinary people were on the road side and the presence of the police was over whelming.

Suddenly the police announced us to disperse while we were walking on the road or the five foot way near the HQ DAP Perak. Many of us were heading to the High Court, Ipoh. DSP Glen then announced on his microphone 1,2,3 and ordered his men to arrest us.

As a result of the above incident to all the 9 elected representatives who were arrested prepared a memorandum on the event and submitted to the Human Rights Commission (SUHAKAM) to day. On the 26thMay09 a total of 21 individuals were arrested. The memorandum was accepted by the Commissioners Tan Sri Simon and Dato Siva Subramaniaam on behalf of SUHAKAM.

Tan Sri Simon mentioned that although SUHAKAM has been forwarding its recommending and findings to Parliament to date no action has been taken on them. Infact the yearly report to Parliament has not even found it listed for debate.

I said the call for SUHAKAM to hold a public inquiry on the incident of 26thMay09 should be considered seriously. The arrest of so elected reps in Perak is a black day. The Human Right’s body is like a toothless tiger and the government of the day should arm the body with laws for it to act independently. I also lamented that the Police should be a political and should not take side in the present political crisis in Perak. The overwhelming presence of the police all over near the Perak DAP HQ is just a waste of public funds. In fact the police should concentrate on police work like fighting crime rather then be involved in political matters.

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