Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Double Standard; No Standard For UMNO

Up's and down's in UMNO politics becomes the fast burning fury over pay out to fish the voters continued to consume whole of Nation.

Yesterday, the UMNO disciplinary board decided to bar the Malacca Chief Minister Ali Rustam from contesting in the party poll thus ending his bid for the deputy presidency.

On the other hand, Khairy Jamalludin was found guilty but given warning for involving in Money Politics.

“Umno legal adviser Datuk Hafa­rizam Harun, who was also present at the press conference, interjected that in the case of Khairy there was no link that showed that he had given consent to his agents’ actions and that the nexus linking him to his agent was weak although he could not be deemed altogether innocent of the offence.”
(How Hafarizam knows that KJ never give concern to his agents? It’s not lack of evidence; Hafarizam having lack of knowledge in Law. Wonder which idiot appoint him as a Law Advisor for UMNO)

The commentators and supporters of Ali Rustam are hammering with questions on why the decisions are very much different for the outgoing PM’s son in law.

But as things stand now, there is no clear roadmap for KJ and sure many of the UMNO delegates having clear ideas to vote for whom to be their leader; but nothing has set in concrete.

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Yap Chwan Bing said...

Malaysia will become even more worsen and bad after Najib took over as Prime Minister. No democracy being emphasized in Malaysia. Only corruption is essential for Barisan Nasional.