Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Lim Kit Siang was suspended in today’s sitting in Parliament till 1pm for telling the truth in house. The iron man was suspended by Deputy Speaker Ronald Kiandee for questioning the hasty manner in which the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Amendment) 2009 Bill was being debated.


Who gave UMNO politicians power
by deciding with a slim tick
who heard all spouting policies?
Forgotten just as quick

what made them give us promises?
They never meant to keep their word
What ‘u’ turns will they think of next (Toll increament)
When getting in too deep (with Mangolian's)

Why do we pay them wages? (Their wife's visit Disneyland)
For things they got so wrong
why keep them in our government
If they’ve been there too long (To practice money politics)

Where should we look for leadership? (Pakatan Government)
There’s no one we can trust? (in UMNO/BN anymore)
Where are the ones with half a brain? (Gone with Projects)
To stop this boom and bust

when are the next elections? (in 6 months)
Should we send them all to schools? (nop...send to tadika kemas)
To learn what’s right & proper
by sticking to the rules

1 comment:

Ashvin raj said...

"Tell the truth and get punished. Tell lies and be power crazy!"