Saturday, March 21, 2009

MBI Jangan "Double Standard"

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For the past 1 year the rate payers of Ipoh city raised many complaints against the Restaurant Haji Yahya which is situated in the middle of Ipoh City. The complaint was raised many times to Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh and no action has been taken.

The restaurant owner built the restaurant on the walk way.But presently the walk way is utilized by the restaurant owner. The restaurant owner extended the restaurant without the approval from the city planning unit.

We were hoping the MBI would wake up and take action to demolish the illegal extension.
As the restaurant owner had been operating on the walk way this has caused alot of discomfort to other road users. Examples are as follows: customers will park the car at the road shoulder which is on top of yellow lane to buy or to have breakfast and this causes traffic congestion in the morning and in the peak hours.

This issue also was also brought to the attention of a local NGO Association of Community and Dialogue (ACID) and the concern NGO already send a letter with many reminders to the Datuk Bandar’s Office asking for action against the restaurant. At the same time I also received the complaint in my political office advising me to take action against the restaurant.

I am considering what I should do about this complaint because the location of the restaurant comes under my constituency. I’m sure some people would like to rise and want action! Did MBI gave approval for the restaurant at the road side.

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Ng said...

"that's why we "raykat" want to vote to pakatan, because BN is pass over, please take back the power."