Monday, March 9, 2009


Pakatan Rakyat has named a raintree here the Tree of Democracy – for it was under this tree that the emergency sitting of the state assembly was held.

The tree will be the monument for the Pakatan Government and will recall our memory for its significant achivements.

Beside that, “We have named the newly planted 5 trees as Transparency, Justice, Integrity, Trustworthiness and Welfare,”


Kee Thuan Chye said...

"Good job on the video. It needs to be circulated more widely so that people can see for themselves the mess that is happening in Perak."

kok Fei Wong said...

Salam YB, saya mencadangkan bahawa ceramah " Pulangkan Kuasa Kepada Rakyat" perluklah banyak diadakan di seluruh kawasan DUN Perak( terutamanya Kawasan DUN dimenangi oleh BN, Kawasan Kampung dan Kawasan Ladang).Tujuannya untuk mengukuhkan perjuangan pakatan rakyat, menyampaiakan mesej sebenarnya tentang kejadian krisis politik di Negeri perak

kumarendran said... are you?...please go for what you think is the rite thing for the have always been the calm and right leader...we all have trust on you...I would say that this is a battle of great warriors among those losers and cheaters who took the shortcut to get their hands on Perak gov..just be strong and please just be reminded...all you steps...are sure to be a history to be learned and known by our future generations...we are making a history...long live Pakatan...and may God bless all those involved in this "holy war" for the betterment of all Perakians..