Thursday, March 26, 2009

"I was beaten up by Police"

Several relatives of Batmanaban S/O Krishnan came to my office to complain that Bathanaban was manhandled in a police station. We are given to understand several policemen dragged and manhandle Batma Upon hearing their version of the story I requested them to lodge a police report against the culprits.

Those who came to my political office wanted us to assist them for the unreasonable detention of Batmanaban.

Later Batmanaban was admitted in Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun at wad no 2 after he became unconcious.

Yesterday (26/03/09) afternoon, Batmanaban's father made a police report against the Police offficers who mandhandle his son in Chemor and IPD Ipoh.

Today (27/03/09) morning, my secretary P.Sugumaran visited Batmanaban in Ipoh Hospital and Dr.Raffiz informed him that the patient will be sent for second scanning to confirm whether there was internal bleeding.

Another police report will be lodged against another Police Officer who mandhandled another friend of Batmanaban on the same incident.

To complain against any highhandedness of the police one has to lodge a police report with the police. And then only they will carry out investigations. What an irony!

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James said...

"WTF... bastxxd Malaysian Police.. Damm Farxing shame on you..."

Frederick said...

"Hepi 202th Police Day!"

shavan gopalakrishnan said...

the 'Changes' would only happen when PR takes over the federal government!!!

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alfred said...

"Mr. Kula, thank you so much for helping the helpless people, you really deserve a tap on your back for really putting your afford, mind and soul for the people. Keep it up. Thanks again. Help the needy. Police brutality must STOP."