Monday, May 25, 2009

Candle vigil stopped by police

Last night the Sg. Buloh DAP branch organized a Candle light vigil out sit its office.

When I arrived at the center I notice an unusual high number of police officers numbering nearly 30 of them. I was then wondering why such a huge presence of police personal.

We started the programme at about 8.30pm. Dr. Michael JayaKumar MP Sg.Siput was the first to start speaking and then was followed by the assemblyman of Teja.

Thereafter I was invited to speak. I informed the crowd present that this vigil was to remind the people the necessity to dissolve the state assembly of Perak. Also that the seizing of power in Perak was planned by DS Najib (PM). That the 3 assemblyman who left the Pakataan government as they were bought over. Although for the time being they have declared themselves as independents. As the 3 stood on party symbols they should morally resign their seats and elections be called to ascertain the real voter’s intention in these 3 constituencies.

As I continued to speak, suddenly I heard the siren sound of the police. The police started to speak in loud speakers and inform all that, this meeting is an illegal one and they need to disperse immediately. I was asked to stop speaking by a police office.

The OCPD came an instructed all to disperse failing which we would be arrested. As the OCPD was speaking to us over 100 policeman and FRU were seen gathering near the center. At the same time I saw 3 huge police trucks stared to be parked opposite the office which was rather intimidating to all of us. I suppose these trucks were brought to pick all of us)

I told the OCPD that the Assemblyperson YB Leong Mei Meng(Jalong) had applied for a police permit some 3 days ago and her application was not rejected. The OCPD responded that according to the law we need to give 14days notice. But we retorted that in urgent case the OCPD can give oral permission and further we are not a nuisance. In any case the way the police are behaving it resembles as though we are operating under a police state!
We are just articulating out rights according to the Federal Constitution and he should not prevent us from discharging our duties as elected representatives. He was least bothered by our appeal.
We informed the crowd we have to cease immediately on the police instructions but will pursue our candle vigil soon elsewhere.

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