Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Want to fast?

Dear comrades and friends,

Some of us are fasting for 24-30 hours in solidarity with Pakatan Rakyat in Perak. We would like you to pledge to do the same. Choose when you want to start as long as you finish the fast by 8pm, Thursday, 28 May 2009. Do let us know by replying to:

Sdri.Medaline Chang (Coordinator)
H/p: 012-219 2010

Sdr.Lim Swee Kuan
H/p: 016-6266 848

Thank you!
Medaline Chang

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

it should be 'bubar PR'
4 adun jumped out and BN have the majority so they should rule
question of justice shouldnt arise
it would be undemocratic to prevent people from jumping parties,so it is the responsiblity of the party to handle their members.
i hope BN would raise a motion of no confidence soon to settle this matter.
even then PR woudl never be satisfied.
imagine if anuar managed to lured all 30 MP to form a goverment.
it would be far more disasterous that this