Monday, May 18, 2009

Court of Appeal delays hearing of Nizars case. Why?

The Court of Appeal was supposed to hear the Appeal by MB DS Nizar today to revoke the stay order granted by a single Judge of the appellate court . It is baffling to know that the court of appeal has postponed the scheduled hearing on the appeal by DS Nizar to Thursday.

I hope the Judges who sit and hear the case on Thursday can give acceptable and convincesing reasons as to why the case was postponed in the first place. As requested by DS Nizar it is hoped the case would be heard by a panel of 5 Judges. Will this happen?

Finally the Court of Appeal must give written grounds when a decision is made. I am still puzzle as to why the Federal Court Judges have not provided written grounds on matters they have decided in relation to the Perak case which came up for haring in the Federal Court.

In this respect i will raise this matter when i have the earliest opportunity when Parliament sits next month. May be action should be taken the Judges who refuse to give written grounds?

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