Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hunger Strike Launched

Today the Pakaatan Rakyat component parties announced that a 3 day Hunger Strike would be launched beginning at the DAP Perak HQ and finally ending at the PAS HQ at Taman Istana Ipoh.

We have been planning this strike for some time and finally last night during the Perak Pakaatan Rakyat leaders meeting we decided to commence it this Tuesday and it will end on this Thursday.

Many people for various reasons have in their struggles carried out “hunger strike”. For example the Gandhi had fasted to near death a number of times for the sake of India’s unity. Many more have died due to hunger strike all over the world. One place where there are evidences of death by reason of hunger strike is if one visit sees the Cellular Jail in the Andaman Islands, India where hundreds have died while fighting against the British. In recent time I get reminded the death of Bobby Sands while agitating against British rule in Northern Ireland.

For us in the present scenario in the Perak political crisis this “hunger strike” is one of the many programes to push for dissolving of the state assembly of Perak. People may ask why only 3 days? But why not?

Yesterday the Court of Appeal decision to allow the appeal by Zambry is not surprising. I differ from the views of the Pakaatan leaders. I am of the view the present constitutional crisis is not for the courts to give a solution. But rather the politicians should get to the people and agitate for a final outcome.

Yesterday’s decision by the court of Appeal may have been a damper. But this is only a small dent. While in the wet market in Tawas today I met many lay people who are dismayed by the courts decision. The encouraging words from all of them are keep on the struggle and you will make it great in the nest elections.

Barisan has won in the courts but the Pakaatan Rakyat will win the hearts and minds of the people. We just lost a battle but end of the day we will win the war!


Jong said...

I strongly feel this is a most silly move. There is no time to play on emotion, but to grab the bull by the horn. Go and do your rounds, reach out to the people, talk to them and be prepared for GE-13. We will then have no mercy for those thieves, thugs and corrupt bastards. Let's bury them once and for all!

Zambry Haram may be grinning from ear to ear and start his monkeying again but let me remind him and his mastermind and bunch, be prepared come GE-13! The court may decide in his favour but it's only a pyrrhic victory!

Harris said...

I'm not really with PR with this hunger strike idea. Lets for once assume that the Sultan gives in after the strike and disolves the assembly. Assuming PR wins. What will happen if after that BN goes on a hunger strike seeking dissolution of assembly and the Sultan gives in and PR wins and we can go on and on and argue till the cows come home. Why dont we just go for a bang in GE 13. What say you YB
Anyway link me up -

wes nitram said...

"YB why only 3 the impact strong enough?"

Anonymous said...

Well, we rakyat appreciate your struggle & sacrifice for justice & righteousness, but pls do not condone to extreme actions, like hunger strikes (do you guys think this would turn the table round?.It would worsen situation. Just be patient and wait till GE-13 & let the rakyat decide who to govern this country.No need to use force or emotion.Follow the legal procedures i.e via election.If BN is so despearate to have Perak,let them have it & see what they can do.They had to do better than PR to justify their stay there!.Don't support "hunger strike" by whatever reason or justification.This is Malaysia, not India or other countries.We Malaysians don't condone to such culture.Sorry about that.Your (PR)support may be weaken by this very act!Stop this culture shock practice here (may be practical & acceptable in other countries but not practical & acceptable in our country, we are tropical country, very hot & humid oredy, do not add anymore heat & fire to it.Thank you for your attention.