Monday, May 4, 2009

State Secreatay of Perak has abused his power?

The question is who has powers to decide the workings inside the State Legislative Assembly of Perak? We have the Standing Orders of the House. The only person who interprets and make decisions on any matters in the house is the Speaker alone.

But alas, apparently the State Secretary of Perak (SUK) has last week issued a statement to permit only certain newspapers and TV to cover the proceedings of the assembly. Newspapers like the Sun, Makkal Ossai, Sinaran Harian and many Chinese news papers were barred from covering the proceedings of the House scheduled on the 7thMay09. Why the select certain dailies only? SUK Head Dato Abdul Rahman must answer. Who gave him the powers to decide? Or he acted on his violation? If so he has clearly misuse his power and a clear abuse of power.

I urge SivaKumar the Speaker to clarify the situation. Who gave directions to Abdul Rahman and if the need be to suspend Rahman from his duties. As he attends the State Assembly meeting as an EX-Office member the Speaker could openly ask him on this deliration of duties on the 7thmay09 when the House is in session.

In the last two sittings of the State Assembly in 2008 there was live courage of the session. The expenses for the live coverage was provided for by the MB's office. But the we are now given to understand that that there would not be direct live telecast through the net as Zamri's office has failed to allocate funds for this. Why is BN so worried of the truth to be made known to the public!

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