Monday, May 11, 2009

Court Rules, FRU Mobilize

After Kuala Lumpur High Court declared Nizar as the legitimate MB of Perak the Police and FRU started to mobilize to SUK Perak at 5.30 pm.

The FRU vehicles rushed to SUK Perak with loud siren with their personnel’s in wearing riot helmet with batons patrolled the street.
Also seen some of the Special Branch Officer stood at DAP Perak and as well as the side street.
Once again the roads are being partially closed and expect to close fully by today night.
Reported by : P.Sugumaran (Political Sec for YB M.Kula Segaran)


james said...

"So fast?
Aiii... seems like Pangkor fishy smells arriving wif more dirty tactics soon... trying to block all roads towards Istana so that can block YB Nizar meeting up Sultan..."

Seablues said...

"great hapy for nizar...!"

cindy lee said...

"Happy for all of you after work so hard. Congratulations.."

Vigneshwara said...

"Pangkor Belacan will have some tricks up his ...."

Anonymous said...

Its a great day for Perak. But its just a half victory. Dont celebrate too early as PR should push for a by election. During this period, PR should work even harder. A win to PR should not come from the poor performance of BN or the people dislike to BN. It should be a win, purely and sincerely for each individu, gauging by their performance, sincerity and willingness.

I am supporting PR but hope that in the future they will not change for the sake of power and money, which BN do. If not, PR is no other different to BN in days to come. Also, PR leaders should ensure this time around that the candidate with no leaving PR once be elected.

Leong WK

vshasha said...

Congrats to PR...its the stepping stone..