Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ipoh voices on the latest political situation

I did my Sunday visit to the Buntong market as usual. Usually many will come and lodge complaints on local council matters and matters relating to land matters.

To day what happened during my visit was something different. Many who came just wanted to talk about the latest political situation in Perak. I am happy the political seniro in Perak has got the ordinary people to ventilate the issues.

One matter the people were asking me is, why is the whole Ipoh city is under “siege” to day? Yes there just too many police man and police blocks all over the city. Last night it took me over one hour just to pass about 1km near the Jaya Jasco area. All because the Sultans (from all over the country) were using the main road to Kuala kangsar from Ipoh to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Sultan Azlan installation.

One chap asked me whether i know when Queen Elizabeth celebrated her silver jubilee a sum of 200 million pounds were spent by the British government. Souvenirs were sold and millions of tourist came to London and the Hotels and the people all benefited . Total revenue earned in the process was 300 million pounds thus a net income of 100 million pounds. What about Sultan Azlan celebrations how much and who benefited? My reply is I don’t know.

Another chap asked me how far it is true that the royalties are involved in active business? He mentioned in particular Gamuda Berhad. To be honest I got no idea. Can someone throw some light on this issue?

It comes to my mind some two months ago there was a proposal by the Negeri royalty that total immunity must be grated to all royalties. This suggestion died the moment ordinary people said yes to total immunity, but, royalties should not be involved in business.

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Anonymous said...

YB Kula,

Its good that you spend time going around to the very low and basic rakyat. You will hear their thoughts, anger, disatisfaction, idea and share knowledge. Hope you going around to other part of Ipoh. If I have a chance to sit down with you, I can tell you alot of things.

Ipoh should not look as bad as undersiege, if the police and the FRU dont over do with roadblocks and putting their people in every corner of the block. They are the one who makes the situation that is very tense as if there will be a big protest and demostration to happen. This also cause massive traffic jam and making more problem to the people's daily life and activity.

Everyone knows that most royal family in Malaysia has some sort of active business. Gamuda and Antah Group are some of them. If you were in a high position seat and easy oppurtunity is within reach, do you think any human will not grab it. The BN government is actually working hand in hand with the royal family to suck all resources and make plenty of money out of it, is like "you scratch my back and I scratch your back". A win win situation for both of them. If things turn sour between them, these oppurtunity or deal will be used to threaten each other. That is why in Perak, BN is sure win. Where do you think Gamuda gets most of its project from? From the fedeal government..... which is BN. Royal family has been given royalities and lands and so on, good enough to keep their lifestyle for another 10-20 generations. Yet it is still not enough. Thoughts have to be given to the rakyat. A well balanced rakyat, in term of oppurtunity and wealth, then Malaysia will prosperus together.

Leong WK