Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Special Adviser's

Dear reader's, Datuk Dr Zambry Abd Kadir appointed three special advisers with the status of state executive councillors to assist him on the running of the government.

Yesterday sdr.Nga Kor Meng(Pantai Remis) lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti- Corruption Commission(MACC) against the illegal MB, Zamri for alleged misuseuse of power in appointing three advisers and a state information chief. In his report it is alleged that the advisers would be paid yearly a total of nearly RM1million as allowances.

Apparently there are no provisions for these form of appointment but in the Malaysia Boleh land any thing goes!

Two of the nominees lost in the last general elections but they have now come by the back door to represent the people. One of the nominee is also a young person only 67years old!

Finally i hear a complaint has been lodged by YB Wong Kah Woh(Canning) on the latest appointments( Zamri and his excos) to the committee of Privileges, of which, the Speaker is the Chairman. A lot of drama will unfold from now on.


James Lim said...

I disagreed.

I disagreed on Nizar's statement today that he will vacate his official residence in 10 days together with the State Excos Camrys.

Why should he leave? It's BN that should leave. Why give the BULLY the respect?

Continue to stay there and let the BULLY forcefully evict Nizar, see what the rakyat will do!

Anonymous said...

YB Kula,

These adviser are all puppet to BN and they get their pay from the Perakians. Do we need these advisers? No, for sure. A good MB needs to listen directly from the people or their selected rep and not from these so called appointed adviser.

Why the MB appoint them?

1. Is to please the other races rakyat that there is some one is representing them, mainly the indian comunity. As there isn't any indian in the exco line up, the BN has to put someone in the board. But again is a double win to BN, these puppets get extra income and also there is a representative for other races.

2. These puppets are also a very VIP to BN. And with BN getting back Perak, everyone wants to have a share of the cake and goodies.

3. If these guys are not appointed a member of the board, it will be a big shame to their party. For example, Datuk Chang KY who is Perak Gerakan head. BN is trying to make him looks important or else Gerakan is loose ground and support.

Best Regards.
Leong WK

Anonymous said...

Don't this people know the law or do they think they are above the law. All they do is harp on sentiment that the rakyat is fed up of listening too. I guess this is what we get when a bunch of fishermen and farmers take over and run an illegal goverment.

Property Malaysia said...

Wonder what do bar council and court say? aren't they the right authorities to consult and decide?