Saturday, February 28, 2009

Police Report against the authorites in relation to ISA detainee Uthayakumar

TheStar News.

IPOH: Many private doctors have come forward offering to treat ISA detainee P. Uthayakumar for free, said Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran.

Since Uthayakumar's wife revealed that her diabetic husband was not getting proper medical treatment, Kulasegaran said he has received over five calls from doctors over the past week.
“They offered to go but the authorities have not granted any of their request. It would not cost them anything.

“I have raised the matter in Parliament and hope that the Malaysian government will listen,” he told reporters after lodging a police report over the alleged mistreatment of Uthayakumar here on Saturday.

He was accompanied by about 15 Makkal Sakti members and other Pakatan Rakyat supporters.
Kulasegaran also voiced concern for Uthayakumar, a leader of the banned Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf), who appeared to be suffering from the early stages of gangrene from fractures in his left foot.

“The Home Affairs Minister must know that Malaysians will hold him and the Government liable if anything happens to Uthayakumar,” he added.

Makkal Sakti Ipoh coordinator J. Vijayalingam told reporters that Uthayakumar was spotted with his foot swollen and “oozing pus” when he was brought to the Kuala Lumpur Court for his sedition trial on Feb 3.

Today more than 50 Makkal Sakthi supporter's including, among others YB Keshvinder and DAP members gathered at the IPD Ipoh to show support for the lodging of a Police report against the authorities for their failure to give proper and due medical treatment to ISA detainee P.Uthayakumar.
P. Uthayakumar has been a diabetic patient since 1996. His condition required that he take medication, 500 mg of Glucophage three times a day and 80mg of Diamicron twice a day, which would control his blood sugar levels and maintain a level of between 5 and 7 mmol/L. Following his arrest on 13 December 2007, the prison authorities at first allowed his family to supply his medication.
We are given to understand that in February 2008 the prison authorities refused to accept the medication and furthermore did not provide P. Uthayakumar with any alternative medication despite repeated formal requests that it be supplied or accepted from family members. P. Uthayakumar believes that the prison authorities have been intentionally providing him with a diet of rice and curry made in a 'Malay' style that is very sweet, in a deliberate attempt to affect his health. On 7 April 2008 he was admitted to the Taiping General Hospital, suffering from frequent thirst, urination, tiredness, headaches, dizziness, weakness, high blood pressure, skin disease and problems with his vision.
Earlier, he had a blood sugar level reading of 18,8 mmol/L. An application has been filed at the Kuala Lumpur High Court for a release order on the grounds of medical deprivation and treatment.
We have come to understand that P.Uthayakumar is also suffering from compound fracture in his left toe and in the event if the government refuse to send him to private hospital for further treament, his leg can be amputated.

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