Tuesday, February 10, 2009


As usual the Malaysian media is pro BN including the main print media NST and Star and the electronic media which is directly or indirectly owned by the BN and its political allies and cronies.

A forum was organized on Monday 9thFEbruary09 to explain the latest political situation in Perak.It was well attended. Although more then one thousand people attended it was reported in the Star only 300 attended. May be the journalist made a mistake and are unable to count the number of people who attended!

Khairy Jamuluddin the Deputy UMNO Youth organized a gathering in front of the local council building but there were conspicuous absence of FRU (For Rough Use) chaps or the police. My guess is Khairy has complied with all legal requirements and thus the authorities are sure Khairy will abide by the law and thus there is no need for the presence of FRU or the Police!

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Anonymous said...

YB Kula,

Why Perakians were not inform of such gathering or forum? As I have no knowledge of it, I did not attend this forum. If DAP were to grow and to attract more members, I think the 1st thing to do is to pay more attention to the rakyat. Keep the people well inform and get more interested people to involve.

As I believe there is need a for a change in the government and for my future, I volunteered to be an agent for DAP in Ipoh during the 308 general election. I worked close with a few candidates, attending most of the ceramah. But after the 308 GE, there was no activity or news from DAP, and my life went on as usual. At that time, I was very eager to join DAP but now I have 2nd thought. I guess being a member makes no different. There were a few gathering that I did attended and supported last year like No to ISA in Taman DR., the 1st Forum with the people in Chin Woo and the demonstartion of fuel price rise in front of the federal building in Ipoh. I got the info of these gathering from the DAP website.

Another problem is that most SA and MP of DAP does not trust or need the help of their supporters and members. They only call for support and help when the GE comes around.

There are alot of young people like me who wants to join DAP. But with the lack of involvement, get together, planning, program, agenda and forum, we feel not welcome and not important to DAP. That is why we choose to sit on the line. Not on PR and not on BN.

We, the younger generation people have bigger vision and idea to share, to improve and may bring DAP to a higher level of standard. For your info, during the 308 GE, most DAP center was not running smooth, agent was confused of which center they were assign, missing replacemnt agent, distribution of lunch and etc. Worst is, computer was not being used to keep record of agent and counting of vote. Vote result from center was calculator the primitive ways, paper pen and calculator. Details of agent was record in a book only and some agent was not inform to be on duty even though they have signed up their names as an agent.

There is so much improvement that DAP can have. Improvement will make better proper record, more efficient, save time and resources.

So, please do something about this. Pay more attention and welcome those who is sincerely in joining DAP and supporting and would like in helping out.

Lastly, thanks for keeping your blog up to date with photos. Only you, Hannah Yeoh, LKS and a few do update their blog regularly. The rest is almost dead silent.

Best Regards,
Leong WK