Friday, February 6, 2009

Female Police Spy Tactics Exposed

Today in the Press Conference, a female Police SPY entered into the DAP HQ (Ipoh) and impersonate as a Media reporter. We manage to snap the photo of the Female Police Spy (SB) to show the public how this uninvited guess doing her political investigations.

So many rapes, murders and criminal offences un-investigated as there is a lack of police personnel but the police have sent police personnel to spy on the political of BN's oppositions.


James Lim said...

YB Kula,

What can I say?


See how fast the police came to condoned and sealing off the state secretariat building and ordering the incumbent government workers out even before the swearing-in of the ILLEGITIMATE AND ILLEGAL BN PERAK STATE GOVERNMENT.

The next thing you know they will spy on PR's MPs and assemblymen while they were having shower!

Anonymous said...

YB Kula,

Rape, theft and robbery is consider as a small crime to BN government as its only affect a very small number of people.

But, politics is more important coz, it will affects a very large number of IMPORTANT people. That is why the police is putting top priority on these over other crimes. Protecting those IMPORTANT people (particularly BN) is top priority and the rakyat. They dont care much the rakyat. BN dont care much the rakyat.

That is why we need to make a change in the Government.

Leong WK