Wednesday, February 18, 2009


According to Standing Orders of the Perak state Assembly rule 70(2) states

"Whenever the House is not sitting a member may bring an alleged breach of privilege to the notice of the Speakerwho may, if he is satisified that a prima facie breach of privilege has been committed, refer such matter to the Committee, which shall report then to the house.

The privileges committee set last week and deliberated on a formal complaint filed by the Canning garden assemblyman YB Wong Kah Woh. The complaint was against the “illegitimate” Menteri Besar Dato Zamri and his 6 excos for accepting their respective appointments which was “breach of privilege” within the meaning of Rule 72(2). The committee decided to issue a show cause to the illegitimate MB and the six excos and to at 3.30 all seven of them have to be present to answer to the charges.
It will be interesting to follow the process of the inquiry as i am given to understand a few will be called to give evidence which may include Dato Seri Nizar.

Latest Update

My political Secretary Mr.Sugu was at the press conference where Speaker V.Siva Kumar issued a press statement at at 6.25pm at teh SUK, building in Ipoh. The press statement is as follows

Click at the image.

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