Monday, February 23, 2009

Ceramah in Bidor

On Sunday night a Cermah was held in Bidor was more then a success. I was surprised by the response of those who attended. An estimate of over 2000 people attended the Cermah. The MB and the Perak Exco members also spoke at the gathering.
But the high point of the day was the sudden unannounced presence of the Perak Assembly speaker V.Siva Kumar. He got rousing welcome and there was a standing ovation for him.
V.Sivakumar created history as speaker after hearing relevant parties he suspended the illegal MB and his six Excos from attending the state assembly meeting for 18 months and 12 months respectively.

I mentioned in my speech that I am surprised that the Perak Chief Police Officer (CPO) had announced in the main stream news papers that there were over 11 police reports against the Speaker. Almost all the reports question the discharged of the Speakers duties.

The CPO should realize that neither he nor the police officers can carry out investigations on the discharge of official duties of a Speaker and they are thus infringing the provisions of the law which give the Speaker full immunity.

Infact in my opinion the CPO had committed contempt against the Speaker and the speaker should haul up the CPO and action should be taken accordingly.

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