Monday, February 9, 2009

Letter on Karpal views

An old friend of mine wrote to me. I am setting out the letter in full.
Dear Kula,

Karpal is increasingly becoming a loose cannon. He feels he has to say something about everything. It may be his right to speak up but he must also act responsibly as the leader of a major political party. This is not the time for infighting within PR.

First he attacks PAS about Hudud at the Kuala Trengganu by-elections and now he asks Anwar to step down. Whatever the justification for his diatribe against his political partners this is not the time to blow his top especially when Perak is in a crisis and when PR hopes to wrest East M’sia.

This is the time to show solidarity. Inter-party differences can be solved behind closed doors. Even if he wants to blast Anwar or PAS he must choose the right time to do it - NOT NOW. For now we must focus on BN and the Sultan of Perak.

I am surprised and disappointed with Karpal’s behaviour. If DAP expects to work with PAS and PKR it must learn to bite its tongue sometimes and control the loose cannons in the party - principally Karpal Singh.

If PR wants the support of the rakyat it must show solidarity. As you know I am disappointed with PR in many ways and with DAP in even more ways but when the chips are down I will not criticise the party. We must focus on the common enemy which is BN.

Regards, Yin


Jong said...

Whilst I agree with Karpal and and stand by his views, I do not agree with the way he's handling it and his outburst is definitely of no help to his party and its coalition Pakatan Rakyat.

As it is Perak Pakatan already has have more than it can handle and those toady problems are leading to a constitutional crisis in Perak and gosh, we don't need him to aggravate the situation further! Whatever differences the coalition has personal or otherwise should be amicably settled within four walls of DAP/PR. Washing dirty linens in public is not the answer, will hurt all parties.

Here's my brutal honesty, hard as it may be sometimes we need to spit it out and the truth usually hurts, yes it does:

I want to say to you guys in DAP Perak and Pakatan Rakyat - "padan muka YOU"!

From an outsider's point of view, there has been too much in-fighting in Perak, the reason for the defection. This has been conspicously noticed among Aduns and State Assemblymen. There don't seem to be much co-operation among them and how soon they forget they were 'family' before March2008 GE-12!

The past 10 months had been to each his own because, the left refused to let the right know what the left was doing, and that's the sad part!

Again I say, "Padan Muka" and let this be a lesson learnt!

Vastu said...

Ms.Yin, very much agreed with your comments. PR must show the unity and not the otherway. Bukit Gantang will prove to corrupted umno that people with PR. Same goes to Bukit Selambau. I must salute ex-YB Arumugam. He is a gentleman. When he couldnt face the pressure any more than he decided to resign. He proved to his voters, in what ever situation will not betray his voters.