Friday, February 13, 2009

Complaint referred to Committee of Privileges, Perak stateassembly

Yesterday the state assembly man for Canning Perak lodged a formal complaint to the Speaker of the Perak state assembly of Perak in that the taking of office by YB Zamri as the new Menteri Besar Of Perak has brought disrepute to the state assembly of Perak. He had out lined a number of reasons to cite the MB and the six Excos for contempt to the Committee of Privileges.

We hope the Speaker will convene the committee to deliberate on the complaints of YB Wong and a date be fixed for inquiry of the complaints.

It has to be noted the committee has wide powers to summon any one and one can be held for committal if one refuses.

I am excited to see how the complainants will defend the allegations.

I hereby set out the press statement of YB Wong which was released today(13/2/09) in full

Media statement by Wong Kah Woh Assemblyman for Canning, Perak Lodges Complaint Against YB Zambri and Members of His ‘Junta’

Which Provision in the Perak Constitution allows Dr. Zambry & his junta to be appointed as MB & Exco?

  1. The unconstitutional grab for power by Barisan National leaders has serious effects on the standing and good name of our august Perak State Assembly. Its reputation has been tarnished and the people are confused over how the government has been changed contrary to the Perak Constitution, which is the supreme law of our state.

  1. As Dr. Zambry and his junta has acted contrary to the Perak Constitution and the Standing Orders of the Perak State Assembly, I have lodged a complaint against him by writing to the Speaker to convene the Committee of Privilege to hold an enquiry at the earliest possible date.

  1. As Assemblymen and women, Dr. Zambry and his junta have sworn to “preserve, uphold and defend” the Perak Constitution. In total disregard for the Perak Constitution, they have proceeded to have themselves installed as “Menteri Besar & Exco” in violation of the Constitution. Menteri Besar Dato Seri Nizar and his Exco have neither resigned nor lost any vote of confidence in the Assembly. It is only after such events have occurred, can they consider themselves constitutionally competent to assume the office of government.

  1. I am hopeful the Speaker will convene a meeting soon.

  1. At the hearing of the Committee of Privileges, I shall ask Dr. Zambry and his junta this crucial question, which answer will expose the illegality of his government: Under which provision of the Perak Constitution do they base their right to form government.

  1. I will call witnesses which will include the State Secretary and others who will help the committee to take appropriate actions against the wrongdoers.

YB Wong Kah woh -Canning

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