Friday, February 13, 2009

Ceramah Bubarkan DUN Perak & Pulangkan Hak Rakyat Di Jelapang

Last night the Ceramah held at Jelapang was a great success. Over four thousand people attended. MB Nizar , Nga, Siva(Buntong) Wong(Canning) and I spoke at the function.

The ceramah started at about 7.30 and ended at about 10.45. All the speakers asked the crowd whether the State Assembly should be dissolved? A 100% yes was the reply.

I spok to the crowd on the following matters namely;
1) The DAP apologizes for the party hopping of the Assemblyman Hee Yit Foong and we promised we will take care of the constituency until a fresh election is held.

2) That Hee stood under the DAP symbol and thus by leaving the party she should honourably resign her seat and fresh elections should be held.

3) Why DPM Najib and the illegal MB Zamri refuse to call for state general elections? I said if BN were to call for elections the people will vote over whelmingly for Pakatan Rakyaat thus this scares the BN

4) I challenged the Zamri to either dissolve the assembly or the least he can to salvage some pride(if he possess it) is to have a referendum to ascertain as to whether there is a need to call for elections to settle the political stalemate in Perak.

5) Failure to adhere to the above would just mean a paralysis of the whole system where instability will continue.

As the Ceramah was proceeding a senior police office called for me and requested that the Ceramah should be stopped within 15minutes. I retorted that we have a police permit but he asserted that the permit was for “makan and Chermah”. And as there was no "makan" being served, it is according to him against the condition of approval. I told him, that we told all those invited to the chermah today to eat before coming. And thus we have complied with the condition of the police permit otherwise I will order a few “kuey teau” for people to "makan".
He realize he was not heading any where or either winning the argument he then said oh yeah, this ceramah is held in open ground. I told him before approval of the police permit surely the Special Branch (SB) would not only check and see the premises but if given a chance they would go below the ground to check the building!
In any case in Jelapang this temple ground was the best place.

I told the officer that we will not stop our ceramah as we are within the law and he left.
Where is the freedom of expression and space of political discussion?
The Police should refrain from getting involved in the present political tangle. The police they should concentrate in fighting crime which is one of the policeman's main duty!

MC Clr Frankie
Jelapang Residents

Me giving speech
With MB Perak Dato Seri Ir.Nizar

Sdr WOng Kah Woh (ADUN Canning)
Sdr A.Sivasubramaniam (ADUN Buntong)


Anonymous said...

YB Kula,

Keep up the good work. The least PR can do now is hold more ceramah, forum and collect feedback from the Perakian. I believe every Perakians has something to say with the disatifaction of the take over of the Perak government recently but has no way of to express it.

The police, as usual, puppet to BN, will always try to stop any opposition function. This is the best that BN can think of to stop the opposition of getting more support. But, with you who knows what is our rights, we can question back and stand firm. Good work. Nowadays there are so many form of media that the opposition can use to inform and spread information to the people and the rest of the world. Is the police able to stop this?

Again, my friends and I did not know about this gathering in Jelapang. Is there an effective way to inform the Perakian of any PR function, ceramah and forum. I bet there will be even more than 4000 people attending this forum.
Hope you could work something out to make it effective.

Leong WK

Anonymous said...

Further to my 1st comment, sorry about the lack of info about function, forum and ceramah. I know that your blog did list out the coming function. Beside the electronic media, is there any other ways to inform Perakians about these function.

Leong WK