Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bkt Gantang By Election Album

This is a referendum and it gives a picture of what the people of Perak and Malaysia want,” Mohd Nizar

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Jong said...

YES we won, of course we did - Perakians WON and we made known our anger and disgust at the way things are - We demand HAK rakyat be returned, and it showed in the ballot box and we did, didn’t we?

The recent Perak political crisis/impasse occur(still on-going, still unsettled!) because the State of Perak was under Pakatan Rakyat Government, and who allowed it to happen? It’s unbelieveable and most unacceptable it has to happen in State of Perak whose Sultan was a former Lord President of the country! Sigh. Haven’t we also notice that suddenly UMNO display themselves as respectful loyal citizens of King and Sultans, eh?

Despite the unpredictable weather in Bukit Gantang, support for PAS and DAP ceramahs was overwhelmingly popular - rain or shine in most unwelcoming soggy ‘tapaks’ in the kampongs in Changkat Jering and even in some kampongs reachable via narrow winding palm oil estates roads - Matang Gelugor, where enthusiastic supporters and observers were adamant to hear out their favourite politicians speak. They came by tens of thousands -they analyse and they decide. Donation boxes were passed around and people readily and willingly stepped forward with the little they could afford in some small way to help ease PR electricity bills and to also feed their hardworking ground force appreciative of their dedication.

At all PR(PAS, DAP & PKR) ceramahs, there were NO GOODIES to pass around, no lucky draws, no sewing machines, no hampers in sight or any FOC motor-bike service for rempits as in BN so-ceramahs!

Despite all those, and the fact that the whole UMNO/BN machinery was up against Nizar at Bukit Gantang, BN’s Ismail Saffian lost to Nizar Jamaluddin by 2789 votes! You can say UMNO/BN had been rejected outright. You can say even as early as Nomination Day, UMNO/BN was already rejected outright by Gantangians, no “ifs” not “buts”. We thought their BN candidate Ismail Saffian was about to lose his deposit. Guess those “goodies” saved them from embarrassment!

Seeing is believing! Pakatan Rakyat/PAS managed to attract supporters and observers from all over the country not only from Perak alone! One needs to mingle with the crowds, reach out and strike conversation with the locals to be able to feel the pulse of the rakyat.