Saturday, April 25, 2009

Unfolding events of INDIRA GANDHI and the Ipoh Police

Finally at about 3.3pm yesterday we filed proceedings on behalf of Indira INDIRA GANDHI for custody of her 3 children. INDIRA GANDHI had revealed in the supporting affidavit that her husband Patmanathan had fled with their one year old child and had allegedly converted the one year old child and 2 elder children. To date there is no confirmation that Indira’s husband has really converted to Islam.
The team of lawyers was led by Augustine Anthony and Lalitha to whom we are very grateful for having spent hours and hours preparing the case.
Due to the urgency of the case the matter was heard ex-parte and was disposed of by JC Ridwan in his chambers. We only got out of the court at 5.20pm.
I immediately contacted the police to ask their help to retrieve the small baby. We also told him due to seriousness of the matter the court even ordered the police to assist in getting the baby.
After some deliberation Indira decided to lodge a formal police report at 5.30pm stating she had obtained an order of court and she would stay put in the police station until the baby is returned to her. She has been breast feeding her baby since birth.
Another drama in the police station. Indira told us the police were not taking her report but were waiting for directions from their superiors. We then decided to proceed and assist Indira and by then at 7.30pm her report was finally taken. The IO was busy handling a going investigation.
We rang the Police and spoke to the Deputy OCPD and told him that he must do something otherwise people will lose confidence in the police. We also reminded him that Padmanathan came to the police station some two weeks ago with the baby but was released on Police bail on an assault case which was lodged by Indira. At that material moment we asked the police assistance to ask Pathmanathan to hand over the baby to Indira. But the police refused although Indira was there the whole day till the 3am in the morning. We told the police to cancel the police bail and try by all means to get the baby. The Police had an opportunity to sort out this mater earlier but they let it go through their fingers.
YB Lim Kit Siang after attending the DAP Taiping dinner arrived at the Ipoh Police station at 12mid night. We narrated what was happening. We then spoke to Indira who was quite insistent to stay put in the police station until she gets back her baby.

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