Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Delay the erecting of Democracy plaque

A number of people have shown concerned as to whether Pakaatan Rakyaat should re erect a plaque below the “democracy tree”. Yesterday initial works to lay foundation for the new plaque was stopped by the authorities. I am of the view that we should delay in erecting the new plaque and i have duly notified my views to the PR leaders.

My friend Bobby has written his point of views on this issue which is worth considering.

Dear Kula,
There are a couple of issues:

1. I don't think it is a good idea to erect another plaque to commemorate the event on May 1 as you suggested. For one thing you will be going against the local govt by-law concerning the erection of structures. If anybody and everybody can erect something on public land (or even pate land) without permission what will Ipoh become?
I am not against remembering the event, although on a scale of 1- 10 it will rate 1/2 in terms of a world shaking event. Still, I am not against it. BUT why not wait till you guys are back in power the whole place can be turned into a park - if that is what you want. But do it legitimately.

2. My second reason why you should not do that is that you will be endangering the life of the tree. The powers-that-be may get so fed up they may decide to chop it down in the dead of night. Or they may get their hired vandals to do it and cry that it has been done by irresponsible elements and laugh behind your back. Why endanger the innocent tree that has nothing to do with the BN/PR quarrel???

I believe the judges are wrong, and ..............we all know that BN is merely postponing its defeat. Yet if you do what you intend to do re erecting the plaque under the tree you are just as wrong. Two wrongs do not make a right.

Be a little more patient and wait for the right time to do anything and don't risk the poor tree or jeopardise your chances of taking over the state again.


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