Monday, April 6, 2009

Campaigning in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau.

Campaigning in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau.

For over a week my party members and friends have been campaigning in the by-elections. Yesterday we started off with a visit to the Simpang wet market. We met many voters of Bukit Gantang who overtly were supporting the PR(PAS) candidate DS Nizar. Generally it was quite heart warming to speak to the local who were roaring to go and vote for the PR in the coming by elections tomorrow.

Later at about 10am we left to do a campaign literally house to house in the Indian areas in the estates. In the final stop we were in DRB estate where were we stopped by the management from proceeding any further. The management said we were in private property and we have cease any campaigning.

We retorted by saying that we are just visiting the voters. But as we had covered over 70% of the area and its voters we decided to leave without any further fuss.

In meantime we meat a few workers of the estate who told us that many workers are now at a neary temple ironically not for prayers but to get “goodies” from Barisan National. We decided to go the temple where we saw what was happening. At an nearby hall there were nearly 200 hundred people. Just before we came a former Deputy Minister gave way hampers to each and every worker. Each hamper is said to be worth at least RM200 by the locals. Isn’t this corruption within the meaning of the elections act?

We have not lost hope. We take this as challenges. To day we are on our final lap and we are going to do more house to house campaign.

Some interesting sms i have received over the last few days since Najib’s appointment as Prime Minister.

1. UMNO and BN can have a new leader and Malaysia can have Najib as PM. So long as BN is stuck to its racist politics, ideology, fanaticism, policies and favouritism it is doomed forever.

2. Najib promises REFORM: Well and good. Reform should be i) eliminate BUMI status or give BUMI status to all anak Malaysia ii) eliminate all quota system iii) eliminate columns for BANGSA in any FORMS iv)equal rights to all v) no institute of learning specifically for one race only or schools for a particular race only vi)abolish ISA vii) opportunity for non-malays to be Heads of department.

3. How can 2 person found guilty of the same offence be given two different sentence? Ali Rustam and Khairy. Even in Islam whether you drink 1 glass of whisky or 1 bottle, a sin is sin. However in UMNO which claims to the champion of Islam seems to practice double standard and its own brand and interpretation of Islam. They say the integrity of Bahasa Melayu and Bangsa Melayu should be upheld. They cant even change the English abbreviation of UMNO to Bahasa Melayu. What rubbish are these hypocrites talking about?

4. Jangan timbang (BN) Naik saja roket (DAP) menuju ke bulan (PAS) mencari KEADILAN kerana disana ada ‘PR’ dan ganjaran yang menanti anda dengan hadiah tiada rasuah, tiada penyelewengan, ketelusan, keadilan sosial, hak sama ratadan tiada kroni. Ayuh undilahcalon PAS (PR) di Parlimen Bukit Gantang.

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peng said...

I was snooping around at the Umno Youth Bilik Gerak Induk at Simpang. Inside 2 vehicles plastered with BN stickers were loads of hampers! And at the centre there, they were offering free maintenance service for motorcycles. Mostly young teenagers were there. The kids have to register their details before getting their motorcycles services, also given a BN button and 2 stickers!
How pathetic!
And oh, I met you at the Tapak Expo Rakyat ceramah.
Press on Pakatan Rakyat. The people are with you!