Saturday, April 18, 2009

Planting trees under a tree

Today at 9.30am the leaders of Pakaatan Rakyaat met at the Perak DAP to discuss urgent political matters.

As I was reaching near the venue I was shocked to see some workers gathered around the “Democratic Tree”. I also noticed the presence of the local council lorry and workers. I immediately summon my secretary Sugu to rush to the area and take photos of what was been done around the tree.

Subsequently after the meeting Sdr.Nga and I left to the ascertain what the workers had done. I was surprised the workers had planted some 19 trees all around the Democratic tree. Why 19 someone asked me when I was there. Some one shouted its 19 young trees because tomorrow is the birthday of the Sultan!

Why plant trees under a big tree? The young trees will surely suffer as the sun light is prevented from reaching the young trees. Who had ordered the planting of the 19 trees? If the chaps had any common sense surely this would not have happen. But alas this seems not to be the case! We hope the trees would be dug out soon and those who ordered planting of the 19 trees will apologize to the public.

In the process of planting the roots of the “democratic tree” was uprooted and damaged. All this been done to kill the tree. The: democratic tree” is now the most visited place in Ipoh by tourist and the like.

It was announced yesterday that a new plaque would be erected at the very place where the young trees have been planted. To prevent this installation the trees are been planted. Come what may we will proceed with the erection of the peoples plaque on the 1st of May 2009.


Anonymous said...

regarding the planting of the 19 smaller trees under the democracy tree, mpi must have done this under instructions from bn. all said and done i have 2 points to make:

1. bn is so childish, my goodness!i cant imagine it.

2. is it not a waste of yours and my money.

why bn? the more bn does things like thatthe rakyat would get more angry.

k c leong

Jong said...

YB Kula,

Sudah-lah, no need to go to their level. Those asshats will stop at nothing with the government machinery at their disposal and tax-payers are made to pay for everything! Don't even bother to unnecessarily spend an extra sen just to get back at them, no point. Perakians know how evil and childish they have been, and fighting over a tree?

You have beautiful pix of the Democracy tree, why not blow them up and use them as symbol for Pakatan Rakyat(PR), this they can't kill because PR will grow and take over the Federal Government soon!

I have many shots of the tree with the Perak State Assembly in sitting, will share with you and DAP if you are interested.