Friday, April 3, 2009

More drama is unfolding in the case of Vijaykumar

Since his release the police were looking for him apparently to charge him for possession of dangerous drugs. From the little facts we learn that the quantum of drugs is very high attracting the mandatory life sentenced..

On the first day of his arrest Vijayakumar a non-smoker was even found to have trace of drugs in his urine. He has no previous police record and has never run foul with the police.

Further he and his family are firm that he is totally innocent of all the charges.

Vijakumar has lodged a police report stating that he is still under medical treatment. The very police officer (Insp.Nelson) who was alleged to have assaulted him was the very one who came to serve the warrant.

Last night at about 8pm he voluntary surrendered to the Police. He was brought to the court by the police 2day. His case is now fixed for further mention on 2nd June09. Apparently the charges are very serious and are non- bail able. The family has agreed to seek further consultations with prominent Human Rights lawyer Mr.Augustine Anthony.


ravichandran said...

"Alike the corrupted and insincere devilish practise by the force agaain after some time, Kula anne need TRANSPERACY in this country that i love."

Anonymous said...

YB Kula,

Its really frustrating to see the people power are using over power onto innocent public. But what can we do. As far as I know there is not much can be done to save the situation. I have always pray and hope that a day will come that the opposition leader and the people goes all out and stand firm for justice.

I really hope some guidance and protection for each and every innocent public.

Please continue fighting on for the people.

Leong WK