Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sugu's statement recorded by police

Today at about 11.25am, police recorded a statement from my Political Secretary P.Sugumaran . initially we were totally uaware under what provisions of the law he was being questioned. When he presented himself at the police station the IO informed Sugu that he was being probed under Police Act section 90 and Minor Offences Act section 14.

Sugumaran was called to the Central Police station to assist in the investigation on a report lodged by Insp.Mazhar against him. He was accompanied by Human Rights Lawyer Augustine Anthony, Jelapang service team chairman Frankie Wong and many others.

Sugu was first told that the police wanted to question him some one week ago. Due to his involvement in the Bukit Gantang by-elections the police questioning was postponed to today.

Sugu was assigned by me to help three victims of police assault which took place on the 25th of March09 at the Chemor Police station.

I am still puzzled why the police need to investigate Sugu when the police have so many other urgent matters of national importance. The question is did Sugu in discharging his duties over stepped his limits? Or are the police using their powers to scare and harass my political secretary?

Later at the press conference P.Sugumaran said that he cooperated with the police but only answered questions that were relevant.

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Anonymous said...

Dont let the people with power misuse their power and threaten those who challange them. In this case is your sec, who is doing the right thing to help innocent public but in doing so he has somehow indirectly challenging the people with power. This is really a threat on your sec and to those who wants to be "busy body". Be strong and everyone who loves democracy should stands behind your sec and support him.

In Malaysia, those with power and money rules everything. And they are above the law. No one can touch them. Money can buy anything in Malaysia. I have come across this situation myself where the police or the law could not even touch a real culprit going around with money laundering scheme. Lots of people lost their money investing this scheme run by an individu. And he is still a free man enjoy life around. What can the public do???? Because with the huge amount of money cheated from the public, he can buy his way thru evrything.

If by any chance, I will tell you more if I happen to meet with you one day.

Leong WK