Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Subjugation for “lasting political solution” is a crime against humanity !

Tamils all over the world have demonstrated overwhelmingly of their support to the LTTE. LTTE represents the real anger of the Tamil people against discrimination, humiliation and oppression by Sinhala chauvinism.

It was and is wrong to the hilt in hating Tamil society for its just demand for equality and self-determination. All global capitalist powers including India will be forced to repent in time to come for their aggressive participation in human suffering of this order. The LTTE cannot be blamed for not surrendering to the Sinhala army of the chauvinist regime. A sense of utter helplessness prevails among Tamils as they are witnessing a terrible genocide that is taking place in the traditional Tamil homeland everyday. The Magnitude of which is far greater than what had happened or is happening in places like Gaza.

International Community is trapped by its own noose, because it was wrongly applied for the benefit of a wrong government. It is very obvious Colombo wants to complete its agenda of Tamil subjugation in a systematic genocide under the garb of war against terror in Sri Lanka. There is no point in the IC hanging on to ‘terrorism’ excuse anymore in avoiding further tragedy of civilians. The state policy is inside committing many folds of Terrorism comparatively. Subjugation for lasting political solution is a crime against humanity. An internationally supervised truce and that such a ceasefire should also contain a base for a political solution is very urgently needed.

Discredited and wrongly applied policies shouldn’t be a hindrance to the International Community in upholding a humanitarian cause.

The IC, EU UN and India should find a way of engaging the LTTE directly in resolving the humanitarian tragedy. The LTTE [Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam] has for long been requesting a permanent ceasefire encompassing sensible military and political essence.

Today we are witnessing IC winking, India abetting and international media failing in its duty, the civilian massacre and subjugation can be completed with much ease with Sri Lankan State Terror as a lasting Solution would be a failed opportunity to put an end to this lengthy conflict without guaranteeing a power sharing solution.

The world powers are likely to set up another Palestinian/Israel scenario in years to come if it fails to resolve Sri Lankan State Terror immediately!

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