Sunday, April 12, 2009

We dare MIC to pull out of BN

The Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) is said to be threatening to pull out of the Malaysian Cabinet as they are unhappy for getting only the Human Resources Ministry and two Deputy Ministers posts. At one time the MIC had 2 full Cabinet Ministers.

Before the full cabinet post was announced all the Leaders of the Barisan National (BN) coalition met the Prime Minister to discuss on who and what post should be considered for each of the coalition parties.

When rumors start spreading that many of those top leaders of the BN who lost in the 2008 general elections would be appointed in Najib’s cabinet it was also speculated that the grand old leader of MIC Dato Seri Samy Vellu would also be appointed as a cabinet minister. Samy was a Minister in the Malaysian cabinet for over 20 years and was finally ejected only when he failed to be elected as a Member of Parliament for Sg.Siput in 2008.

Malaysians are surprised that Koh Tsu Koon(President Gerakan) , Chew Mun Fei, (Wanita MCA) Sarizath(Wanita UMNO) were appointed into the cabinet. Prime Minister Najib may have thought by bringing in these losers he can in particular shore up support especially among the non-Malays and also strengthen UMNO. But he has to be asked why bring in rejects and old blood into the cabinet? BN unable to attract new people into its fold? Many consider the appointment of those who lost in the last general elections is just to pacify the demands of many of the BN leaders who want to be seen relevant.

Question is why was Samy left out? Many felt he was joggling for a cabinet posts. This was an open secret matter. MIC got a junior post in the Cabinet via Subramaniam(Human Resources) as Subra is just not the President of MIC! Even in Parliament sitting order, Samy use to fill the fourth seat after the PM,DPM, MCA who all occupy the first row facing the opposition. But Subra is now in the third row a real blow to the MIC.

May be it would be prudent for Samy to relinquish the Presidents posts for Subra and Subra may then be appointed to a more important Ministry like the Works Ministry? Any way why Works Ministry is being asked/demanded for by MIC? Is it because a works Minister can dish out contracts and decide who gets what projects? By this acts of deciding who gets what the Minister of Works has a lot of cloud and influence and its all gone now!

All top brass leaders of MIC were on the campaign trails in the recent by-elections of the 2 Bukits. The MIC did not and could not deliver the Indian votes to the BN. And the BN realizes this. Thus MIC which some say stands for Make Indians Cry or Malaysian Indian Crooks is a irrelevant partner in the BN. We should not be surprised if IPF an arch enemy of MIC would be admitted into BN to shore up the support from the Indian community.

If MIC has any moral or political responsibility they will leave BN. But they don’t have and they will never do this. MIC has been saddled with so many scandals and just to name a few 1) MAIKA Berhad a company formed by MIC leaders collected over RM130million sometime in 1982 and is more or less a bankrupt company now due to mismanagement 2) The unnecessary dissolving of the South Indian Labour Fund in 1999. 3) Unable to address the high unemployment ,lack of educational and economic opportunities among Indians. 4) High suicide and alcoholic rate. 5) Highest criminal activities in Malaysians is among Indians. Over 40% of those detained in Simpang Renggan preventative dentition are Indians . Many more let downs which the people of Malaysia know.

MIC should pull out of BN and consider joining the Pakataan Rakyaat. Do they dare?

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James Lim said...

"MIC should pull out of BN and consider joining the Pakataan Rakyaat. Do they dare?" - YB Kula.

I don't think even if MIC joined Pakatan, Samy Vellu's sins would be forgiven by the Indian community. This is because Samy Velly has transformed MIC into a BAD STIGMA and IMAGE PROBLEM that attached and associated with the party MIC.(Muka Ini Celaka)