Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Constitutional Crisis

Last night we had a Ceramah at the Chin Woo hall. Many DAP leaders spoke and was also attended by the legitimate MB of Perak DS Nizar.

I spoke on a number of issues among which are:

1) We need a political solution to the Perak Constitutional crisis and the courts are not the best avenues to sort out this uncertainty

It is my personal opinion that to seek redress to the present constitutional stands still its best to sort it without any involvement of the Malaysian courts. The way the cases are been heard at the Federal Court now arouses a lot of uneasiness among the people. Why preference was given to the Perak constitutional cases in the first place?
How come that there are thousands of cases which has been pending for years and the courts are unable to dispose it due to work load. Backlog of case is the order of the day in most courts and the Federal Court is no exception. Now why the urgency is just mind boggling! May be its not unreasonable to request about reinstating the right to appeal to the Privy Council. Some the local courts are perceived as unable to dish out.

I have spoken at length in Parliament on the necessity to appoint Judges of integrity, honesty and above all free of any political inclinations during the Judicial Appointment Commission bill. I even suggested the formation of a Constitutional Court. But actually even if we have a constitutional court how independent are the Judges of the executive?

2) One Malaysia concept of Najib just a myth.

When one notices the recent appointment of Ministers by Najib we can ascertain that important and powerful portfolios are held by UMNO chaps. The Ministries that I am talking about are the Finance, Home, Foreign and the Defence Ministry. The only exceptional time when MCA President Tun Tan Siew Sen held the Finance Ministry for over 10 years. The Barisan National has 14 component parties. All the other component parties except UMNO are just minor parties in the coalition without any real say in the running of the government.

Did Najib when announcing the new cabinet really put into effect his new concept of One Malaysia? If he had he should have at least appointed a Chinese and an Indian as Deputy Prime Ministers. His failure clearly shows that the slogan of one Malaysia is all talk and no action. Najib announced the one Malaysia concept just to win the hearts and minds of the non-Malays. I doubt the One Malaysia concept can achieve this.


Ah Leong said...

Well done on the public forum in Chin Woo Hall. YB, you always gain my support

Ah Leong said...

Well done on the public forum at Chin Woo Hall. YB, you always gain my support.

Anonymous said...

Hi YB Kula,

I just read from the news that the Federal Court with unanimous decision has lifted the ban by Perak Speaker YB Sivekumar on Zambry and his six exco members of the State government.

The Federal Court has no legal ultimatum on that matter as the Perak State Assembly has already convened an emergency meeting and the motion of suspending Zambry and his six excos has been passed!

Legally, Zambry and his six excos are still banned by the Perak State Assembly itself not the Speaker alone.

It's tough but do not lose hope in the fight against injustice. The people are firmly behind in support of the Pakatan Rakyat State Government! I'm hoping to see YB Sivakumar's next step.

Anonymous said...

How can Malaysia or the PM can say so loud about "1 Malaysia" where there is still no equal rights and no equal privellage among the people particularly the non-malays. UMNO has the guts to say they are here for the people. Abolish NEP and then only start talking about "1 Malaysia". We non malays pay taxes, paying nothing less but in return we are getting less from the government and Malaysia.

All Malaysian should enjoy same privellages and rights. ASB investment should be open up to all Malaysian. No discount to Bumi for purchasing properties.

Every non malays Malaysian knows where we stand and who we are in Malaysia. There is nothing much to be proud about. UMNO can enjoy as much as they can from now but wait till one day, where they are in the shoe of non malays. No special rights and privellages. We non malays are not asking more.

"1 Malaysia" means nothing to me. Just a gimmick to buy the hearts of non malays.

Leong WK

Jong said...

"Thank You" to DAP, it sure was an interesting forum with firery speeches from Perak Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin, YB Lim Kit Siang, YB Kula, YB Ngeh and YB Nga and many others that kept the crowd upbeat! It was obvious Nizar was the favourite for the night and they listened intensely to him. Man.., don't they love him!

Taiping's PR Member of Parliament Nga Kor Ming sure kept the crowd in stitches with his sarcasm using chinese proverbs didn't he?! Unfortunately my understanding of Mandarin is pathetic and I could only grasp what he was saying when he threw in some Cantonese and English. It was obvious he enjoyed himself ridiculing those UMNO/BN monkeys!

And hey, the guy's a linguist, a good one too. I was pretty taken aback when he addressed the Malaysian Indian community with a Tamil greetings for the night since it was Tamil New Year that day. Well done Nga Kor Ming, we look forward to a repeat of your recitation of the Quran! I was at PAS Ceramah in Bukit Gantang and I witnessed how you managed to warm up to the Malay crowd and their response was fantastic!
Keep it up PR!

Anonymous said...

"1 Malaysia" means nothing. Did you guys notice that this week ASM unit is on sales and ASW next week? As reported by The Star newspaper, there is a quota set for Bumi 51% and Non Bumi 49%, then in the Non Bumi portion it is divided between Chinese and Indian. What is "1 Malaysia" if most of the things in Malaysia is based on quota and is in favour of non bumi?

There is so many oppurtunity for the bumi to invest in, ASB, ASN and etc. Non bumi is only offered to 2 investment, ASM and ASW only. And yet the bumi is allocated a 51% quota in ASM and ASW. So what is there left for the non bumi to invest???? Is the Government helping the people or just the Bumi????

Oppurtunity to survive in Malaysia for the non bumi is getting slimmer and slimmer, very soon we will be side lined. What can the non bumi do to improve? Low oppurtunity in education, low oppurtunity in investing government secured bonds, low oppurtunity to obtain government loan, low oppurtunity in securing jos in the government project. The list will never end.

Its a sad sad situation in Malaysia if we study and look deep in the current situation.

Leong WK