Monday, April 27, 2009

Return the baby poster launched

At today’s press conference we launched the posters containing the photo of Pathamanathan the estranged husband of Indria Gandhi. Malaysia Hindu Singham has taken the lead to print an initial 10000 copies of the posters. The posters would be pasted all across the country and it will be done with the help of Pakataan Rakyaat, Hindu Sangam and NGO’s members. We invite any one to come and help us .We can be contacted at 05-2417402 or 052531532.
On the poster we have also listed details of persons who should be contacted if Pathamanathan is seen.
The lawyers have got the necessary ex-parte orders from court last Friday. Indira has got interim custody of the one year child who is reportedly with Pathmanathan. We need to serve the order on Pathmanathan as the case is fixed for inter party application on 12thMay2009.
Pathmanathan is aware of the court order as he had spoken to Indira after the interim order was obtained on Friday. In fact he told Indria that he is taking the child to Singapore with him. We have duly informed the police who have said all boarders posts have been informed to prevent him leaving the country.

Some how I have a feeling he is hiding in Ipoh and is trying to avoid service of court documents.
The Police should go on a media blitz on this matter on an urgent basis. We had requested the police assistance to print posters of Pathamanthan last week but it has not taken place to date. The police have acknowledged a special squad has been formed to handle this investigation. To date nothing has come out of this. Why? Definitely the police as the custodian of public order are expected to discharge its functions without any delay.

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