Saturday, April 25, 2009

Indria still in Ipoh police station now for over 24hrs

Last whole night Indria spent the night at the Ipoh Police station hoping against hope her baby of one year old would be returned to her. She intents to stay put at the Ipoh police until she gets her baby

Early this morning when we met her at the police station she was not only tired but dejected that the police were unable to locate her baby. At about 11am I was alerted that Indria was been led to the OCPD’s office for a discussion with some MIC leaders. The individual was angry that suddenly MIC is taking credit for all what is being done.

I immediately left to the police station where I was led to the Deputy OCPD’s room wherein Supt. Ibrahim was having a discussion with Indria in the presence of senior police officers and Dato Ganesan the former Sungkai assemblyman

I entered the room and was asked to take a seat. TheSupt. Ibrahim said the police was trying its best to locate Indria’s estranged husband Patamanathan and that we should not interfere with police investigations. He also requested us to understand that the police had gone to Patamanahan last known house but he was no where around. I retorted that the police should give immediate effect to the court order and speed up the process of investigations. Outside the office the Deputy informed me that a special squad has been formed by the police to expatiate the search for the baby. I asked the police to officially notify all Malaysian press that they are looking for Patamanathan and the baby together do publish their photos. The entire border police have been notified to look out for the baby as the husband rand Indria yesterday to inform that he is taking the baby to Singapore. Another info was the baby was been kept in a house in Sg. Siput. The police have been alerted about this

YB Lim Kit Siang, YB Sivanesan, YB Dr.Micheal JayaKumar, Human Rights Lawyer Augustine Anthony and a host of local people were among those who were present to show concern to Indria. As at 6.30 I am given to understand that there are no new developments on this case.

Indria has been suffering since her child was taken by her estrange husband on April 4th. We hope the police and all and sundry will work towards getting the baby.

Reluctance to help the community by lawyers

I also told those present that for over a week we were looking for help from the lawyer’s community to assist in the filing of court papers for Indria. The Chairman of the Perak Chapter of Hindu Sangham Mr.Vijilingam wanted me to file the action too. But I felt it was the community’s duty to help and when no came forward than I instructed my law firm to help. The reluctance by the ordinary Lawyers to help is due to the scare tactic of the BN political leaders in using the various law in cowing the lawyers and Malaysians generally.

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